Guardianship Litigation

People, young and old, have a desire to take care of themselves. At certain points in life, though, that simply becomes impossible. When this happens, a guardian may be appointed to take care of financial, medical, and overall life decisions for the person incapable of doing it themselves. This, of course, doesn’t mean the appointed guardian will always have the ward’s best interest at heart.

Disputes over who will become the guardian over a minor or a senior, physical or mental abuse, exploitation of finances, or disregard for fiduciary obligations can all be cause for concern.

If you feel the need to seek counsel to fight to become a guardian, advocate for a ward, determine whether someone is incapacitated, defend against elder or child abuse, stop financial exploitation, or feel you have been the victim of unwanted guardianship or an emergency guardianship by a disgruntled family member, King Law Firm Attorneys at Law is here to help.

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