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Conservatorship Litigation

Conservators in Kentucky are appointed to look after a ward’s finances and property. Although there are safeguards in place, this can quickly lead to abuse and exploitation, including conservator malpractice, mismanagement of finances, and fiduciary and validity concerns.

If you believe a court-appointed conservator has overstepped their duties, you may wish to seek counsel for the following reasons:

  • Careless handling of finances or assets
  • Theft or embezzlement
  • Disregard for due diligence and fiduciary obligations
  • Overstepping their role as a limited conservator
  • Making decisions in or exploiting personal affairs.
  • Filing a petition to terminate the conservatorship

King Law Firm understands that fighting a conservatorship can be a complex, emotionally charged endeavor. We take the time to provide you with the all the facts and emotional support you may need when confronting a conservator and getting your or your loved one’s financial affairs back in order.

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