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Facing an immigration-related matter can prove to be a stressful and confusing experience, with life-altering consequences. To make matters worse, U.S. immigration law is constantly in flux; seemingly simple matters can become extremely difficult to navigate. It’s imperative you hire a competent, experienced, and dedicated attorney to provide representation in any immigration-related matter.

No two immigration-related matters are the same; each case presents its own intricacies and challenges. At King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc., we understand the nuances of immigration law and associated federal agencies, pride ourselves on our dedication to the individual, and take the responsibility of client representation seriously.

As a client of King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc., you can always expect to be treated with compassion. Through our client-centric approach, we ensure you understand the gravity of your case is never brushed aside or forgotten. To guarantee you are able to make the most informed decisions throughout the entirety of your immigration-related matter, we work diligently with you to ensure all facts are uncovered, all potential avenues of recourse are analyzed and understood by you, and no questions are left unanswered.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of immigration services we provide at King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc.

Deportation Defense

Removal defense involves representing someone facing deportation from the United States in immigration court. A person can be placed in immigration court proceedings at any point if it is determined that he or she is in, or is attempting to enter, the United States without permission or has somehow violated the terms of their lawful stay in the United States. During removal proceedings, an immigration judge evaluates the individual’s eligibility to remain in the United States.

Regardless of the reason you find yourself in front of an immigration judge, having an experienced attorney represent you greatly increases your chances of success. Speak with one of our experienced attorneys today to see if we can assist you in your defense.

Green Cards /
Legal Permanent Residency

If someone has a “green card”, they have legal permanent residency in the United States. There are many benefits to becoming a legal permanent resident, including the ability to travel freely inside the United States, to take short trips outside the United States, and to work in the United States. However, legal permanent residents cannot vote.

People can qualify for Legal Permanent Residency in a variety of ways, but there are also many obstacles to qualifying. If one of these obstacles applies to you, you may still be able to seek a waiver.

It is important to speak with an experienced immigration attorney before beginning the legal permanent residency process to make sure you qualify and that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Naturalization is the way a person not born in the United States becomes a U.S. citizen. Advantages of becoming a naturalized citizen include the right to vote, travel outside of the United States with a U.S. passport and help family members adjust their legal status.

The process of naturalization includes a test, an interview, and a swearing-in ceremony, but depending on your unique individual case and past history, it may not be as easy as it sounds. Make sure you have a qualified immigration attorney to help guide you successfully through the process.

Family-Based Visas

Getting a green card through a family member is more difficult than many people think. The process includes extensive background checks and proof of financial support, and can take between one year and, in some cases, over twenty years, to complete. If you have a relationship to a legal permanent resident or citizen “qualifying” relative, then the process generally involves two steps. First, the “qualifying” relative submits a visa petition and must establish the required relationship. If the visa petition is approved, the second step requires the hopeful immigrant to file an application for permanent residence.

There are many intricacies involved in each step that can affect the viability of attaining legal permanent residency. Consult an immigration attorney to find out if it is a good option for you.

Work Visas

There are various paths an employee, potential employee, or investor in a business can take to attain temporary or permanent legal status in the United States. Becoming a legal permanent resident through work or gaining lawful entry through a work visa may be a viable option.

Speak with an experienced attorney at our office today to see if you might qualify for either a non-immigrant (temporary) or immigrant (leads to legal permanent residency) work-based visa.

Juvenile Protection

Immigrant juveniles have multiple paths available to seek lawful status or protection within the borders of the United States. One common option is Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status is a unique form of protection offered by our government to those individuals who entered the United States as a minor and have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by one or both of their parents. A successful case can lead to legal permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.

However, these cases are complicated, invasive for both the juvenile and his or her family, and are frequently very time intensive. They involve state court proceedings and a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) application and interview.

Consult with an immigration attorney to find out if special immigrant juvenile status is the right option for you.


In its very basic form, asylum, if granted, provides protection offered to people fleeing their country because they have been persecuted or fear persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. A successful asylum case can lead to permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.

Asylum cases are very complex, and not nearly as straightforward as one might initially think. With this new administration, cases are only becoming more difficult, and in some instances, previously protected grounds are no longer viable. It is, therefore, crucial that you work with an experienced immigration attorney to navigate this complicated area of law.

Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a policy for certain undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children (under the age of sixteen) to receive protection from deportation and get authorization to work here in the United States. DACA is not a pathway to legal permanent residency. Its benefits only last for two-year periods, which can be renewed through another application process every two years.

The law surrounding DACA has been the subject of much debate. Although an individual can no longer apply for DACA status if it is their first application, certain individuals are still eligible to renew their status. Speak with an immigration attorney to see if applying for DACA can help you.

There are many people who may seek to take advantage of your vulnerable situation, so please be cautious in choosing an attorney to represent you with your immigration needs.

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