Neighbor Disputes

The ideal situation for a homeowner is to have neighbors who keep their property clean and free of unsightly debris, keep noise levels to a minimum, maintain every aspect of their home, and respect the property boundaries of their fellow neighbors.

Unfortunately, every person is different and not everyone follows the same golden rule. When this happens, neighbor disputes are inevitable. From loud and continuous noise violations to building code violations, neighbors can become a private or public nuisance without even knowing it.

Homeowner Associations are meant to be the arbiter when it comes to nuisance claims, noise claims, the blocking of someone’s view, unkept landscaping, unsightly home décor, and many other complaints between neighbors. However, when the HOA fails to rectify the situation, there may be no other option than to seek legal counsel.

King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. understands that fighting a neighbor in court can lead to future issues, which is why we take care to resolve disputes with as little contention as possible. Call now for a consultation.

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