SPECIAL BLOG! What do Brittany Spears, Steve Jobs, and Charles Manson have in common?

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Celebrity status is likely to be the first choice pick.

Spears, Jobs, and Manson are household names recognized across the United States, and even internationally. Somewhere on the list of commonalities, these infamous beings also share the experience of being involved in California court proceedings; more specifically cases involving the control of their person.


Brittany was the subject of a California conservatorship case for over 13 years where her father, Jamie Spears, was granted the legal authority to make decisions over Brittany’s every move including who she dated and what her text messages said. Jamie’s decisions were controversial at best and more likely an abuse of power, resulting in the #FreeBrittany movement. In 2021 Spears was finally granted her freedom.


Steve is best known for #Apple. But far before changing the trajectory of technology, Jobs ended up going through California court dependency proceedings when his mother gave him up at birth. Fortunately for Steve, his foster experience sent him to live with his soon-to-be adoptive parents.


Charles, may not be liked nearly as much as Spears and Jobs, but his California court experience received more notoriety than both of them combined. Manson is best known as the mastermind behind the #MansonFamilyCult; a cult responsible for numerous murders and deaths. Interestingly, after his death, family members and potential heirs went to battle over his remains and his stuff.

Fighting For Your Rights

Most of us are not going to become founders of the next #imac, or #superstar, and hopefully, we won’t have another #deathcult developing. Celebrity or not, one thing we all have in common: we know someone suffering from dementia, a child without parents, or a family member battling for their inheritance. We know someone fighting to protect their rights in the California probate system.

Brittany Spears, Steve Jobs, and Charles Manson didn’t plan on being the subject of California court proceedings. I venture to say, that none of them thought control of their person would be in the hands of a judge.

Your Best Advocate

I may not have much in common with Manson, ideas as innovative as Jobs, or the ability to entertain like Spears, but I know that if I end up being the subject of a California probate court proceeding, I want an advocate on my side that will fight for me, and ensure that my voice is heard.

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