King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. is excited to officially announce their newest venture: The Lawyer Kings Podcast!

Earlier this year, attorney Rachel King, owner of the California-based King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc., wanted to build confidant relationships with those seeking answers to their burning legal questions by expanding the dissemination of her ever-growing knowledge of legal processes beyond Facebook and other social media platforms. Thus came the idea to speak to her audience in length in a weekly podcast.

To accomplish this feat, Rachel enlisted her father, Patrick O King, Esq., a Nevada-based lawyer with King and Russo, Ltd., to join her on her new venture. Patrick has been practicing law since 1982 and specializes in estate planning, business and family law, and personal injury cases.

Together, the duo seeks to bridge the gap between old-school law practices and 21st century techniques while helping the laymen navigate the sometimes confusing and stressful world of law. The ultimate goal is to succinctly cover a bevy of topics from civil litigation and criminal justice to estate planning and family law. And they are certainly on their way.

Since their debut podcast in August, weekly topics have included discussions on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, domestic violence, medical malpractice, expungement, and the discovery phase of law cases. The podcast has welcomed several guests as well, including Marc Wasserman, one-half of the Pot Brothers at Law, and Justin Brooks, Director and co-founder of the California Innocence Project.

If you have a question or a topic you would like Rachel and Patrick to discuss in a future episode, email And head to now to get caught up on all past podcasts. You may also listen on your favorite podcast sites, including Anchor, Spotify, Apple podcast, Breaker, Google, and Radio Public.

Rachel has always been committed to the legal success of her clients, and The Lawyer Kings podcast is just one more bow in the quiver of bringing truth to justice.

To learn more about why the podcast was started, check out our previous blog post. And stay tuned over the next year for even more big news from Rachel King and her team at King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc.

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