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Not all legal issues can be settled out of court. That is when you need a knowledgeable litigation attorney who understands how to file all legal paperwork, navigate the court room, prepare opening and closing remarks, and prioritize the client above all else for an advantageous outcome.

If you have visited our website over the past month, you will have noticed some big changes — a fresh, sophisticated design, bolder colors, and of course, a major change in focus to becoming a full litigation attorney.

A few months ago, we announced that we wanted to continue to help as many people as possible navigate legal issues but do so with a shift from general law to trial litigation. Our core services in probate and trust, family law, and real estate did not change, only our focus in representation.

Some additional new features on our website include:

  • Streamlined information that allows users to find exactly what they need without trudging through pages of superfluous and excessive content.
  • Cleaner navigation that helps users find their way around the site with ease
  • The ability to quickly search the site for whatever our users need.
  • New litigation services that include elder law, elder abuse, beneficiary protection, move-away, pension and stock, child protective services (CPS), adverse possession, encroachment, and partition actions, among others.
  • All social media links for easy access to follow and communicate with the King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok.
  • Rachel King’s Featured Appearances, where lead attorney Rachel King discusses her craft as a trial litigator on her podcast and other special appearances.

As always, King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. aggressively defends the rights and interests of our clients. We now strive, though, to make all our clients feel comfortable and confident when entering the court room and are always a fierce advocate for them in every negotiation, trial, and appeal that takes place in front of a judge or mediator.

Our professional trial litigators also understand that the unique and diverse legal challenges our clients face aren’t always financially practical. This is why we also offer payment plans for those who may struggle financially.

We are excited about the future of King Law Film Attorneys at Law, Inc. and all our highly qualified litigators and paralegals look forward to helping everyone in California, Arizona, Texas, and Kentucky fight their legal issues with powerful, strategic trial litigation.

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