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female legal professionals king law firm attorneys at law inc powerful litigation team

In our last blog, we provided some new insight into King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc.’s litigation attorney, Rachel King. But no matter how dedicated and driven she is to protecting the rights of her clients, she cannot do it alone. That’s why she has built a powerful team of like-minded, female legal professionals to help her be the fiercest advocate she can be, both in and outside of the courtroom.

It begins with a team of female legal professionals

Rachel has had male colleagues in the past, but she prefers to surround herself with strong, professional women. There is an inherent sense of peace and understanding that occasionally gets disrupted when men have been a part of her team. She’s also found that co-ed offices tend to be less family-oriented, causing an imbalance in work-life balance that comes with an all-female team.

Her team members agree — an all-female firm has a much more caring and uplifting atmosphere. There is an air of support in and out of the office that isn’t normally found in other firms and being part of an all-female firm helps get their voices heard and empowers them in ways that a co-ed or male-dominated firm sometimes will not allow. There is a lot of estrogen, though, which could potentially lead to a lot of pent-up drama exploding at any moment. Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet.

The Lone Lawyer

As of this writing, Rachel is the sole litigation attorney on staff, which means she is the only person who can provide legal advice, appear in front of a judge on behalf of the client, and prepare legal strategy for each case. She would love to have a partner to help relieve some of the stress that comes with litigation, however, finding someone who has the same dedication, work ethic, and loyalty to their clients as she does is like finding an obscure term in a sea of law books.

The Paralegal Trio

That’s why she surrounds herself with the best paralegals. Senior Paralegal Megan Adams has been a paralegal for five years (and loves—LOVES— her caffeine); Ashton Taylor, along with being a huge San Diego Padres fan and true crime junkie, has 14 years of experience in the legal field; and French-speaking Melissa Burke has been working in the law field for a year and a half.

Together, this brilliant trio of certified paralegals are integral to providing superior representation. From drafting documents to gathering detailed facts and stories from every client, the team is able to get to the root of every issue with unparalleled resolve.

Along with the team’s transparent client liaison, Gloria Zahn — a natural in communicating with clients to keep them up-to-date and informed of their cases — this team of female legal professionals at King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. fully support Rachel’s main goal of helping everyone, employee and client, grow and become better versions of themselves.

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