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Guardianship Litigation

People, young and old, have a desire to take care of themselves. At certain points in life, though, that simply becomes impossible. When this happens, a guardian may be appointed to take care of personal life decisions for the person incapable of doing it themselves. (Financial assistance is appointed to a conservator.)  This, of course, doesn’t mean the appointed guardian will always have the ward’s best interest at heart.

Disputes over who will become the guardian over a minor or a senior, physical or mental abuse, or disregard for fiduciary obligations can all be cause for concern.

If you feel the need to seek counsel to fight to become a guardian, advocate for a ward, determine whether someone is incapacitated, defend against elder or child abuse, stop a guardian from exploiting a  limited guardianship, or feel you have been the victim of unwanted guardianship or an emergency guardianship by a disgruntled family member, King Law Firm Attorneys at Law is here to help.

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