Thanksgiving King Law Firm Give Thanks

With a new decade quickly approaching, we feel it is important to reflect on the past ten years, take stock of everything good that happened in our lives, and give thanks for everything that has brought us joy, pleasure and serenity over this tumultuous decade.

2010 began in the middle of a minor depression, leaving many people struggling to find work, pay the bills, keep their homes, or find their next meal. The stress may have led to anger and frustration within every type of relationship, as well as helping to compound severe illnesses.

However, for all of the struggles, pain and hardships, over time, the economy did get better. The stock market rose, reaching an all-time high this past month. People found solid financial footing, leading to a strong growth in businesses and employment. The housing market stabilized and people felt more open to ask for help from friends and family.

At the same time, there was a major cultural shift that spread like a wildfire across the nation. The #Metoo movement took root, giving women the strength to speak their truth about sexual assault and abuse; new regulations were implemented, some improving relationships between the employee and employer, others making it harder to conduct business in California; the exponential growth of social media has changed how we communicate on a daily basis; traditional gender roles and how relationships work dramatically shifted, leading more people to get married later and have less children; and political bickering, mass shootings and being constantly offended has unfortunately become a normal occurrence.

Through it all, we survive.

We at King Law Firm are asking everyone to focus on the positive moments in your life over the next couple of months. Perhaps you got a new job, purchased a new home, discovered a new health regiment, or attended your child’s wedding. No matter how large or small it may be, give thanks to those who provided love and support through all of the rough times.

Negative buzz will continue to bombard our senses each and every day. But when we focus on the positive things we have and what will come in the future, we’ll all be better prepared to combat the negative events that are bound to strike at any moment, providing us all a path for a healthier, happier future.

King Law Firm will be open during the holidays for emergencies in family legal matters. If you need a lawyer to help you through a legal issue with your children, spouse, or other family members, we’ll be here to help you this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at King Law Firm.

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