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King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. offers flat rate and hourly services depending on the complexity of the individual client’s case. We also have a traditional retainer, which is determined by the level at which the client is hiring the firm: 1) As a full legal representative; 2) Assistance and guidance (wherein the individual represents themselves); or 3) The preparer of the case.

Yes. Every client has direct access to attorney Rachel A. King whenever they need her. She personally answers every phone call and is also available by text, email or fax.

Yes, if you qualify. Your fees are automatically waived if you’re on any type of public assistance, and certain fees can be waived based on your income in relation to the size of your family. There are also payment plan options for those who need assistance in paying their court fees. You may use Form FW001 to find out if you’re qualified.

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