Court Order Modifications

When finalizing a divorce, orders are issued by the court for child or spousal support payments or custody and visitation rights. These orders may appear unbreakable; however, they can be modified whenever circumstances change.

Either party has a right to modify court orders for child or spousal support. For a modification in child support, a substantial change in income or the law must be provided to the court. The same goes for a modification in spousal support, or alimony, however, termination of spousal support could also be requested when the payee remarries, or other substantial life changes have occurred.

Each state has different rules for when modifications for child custody and visitations may occur. In general, if one parent consistently defies the terms of the order, must move to a new city or state, physically, mentally, or emotionally harms the child when in their custody, or changes the environment to the point it’s no longer appropriate for the child, modifications may be requested.

The process for court order modification can be quite complex. King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. will help you work through the intricacies of modification should you need to change a court order because your ex-spouse failed to pay child or spousal support, has remarried, has been given a promotion, or has had a substantial change in circumstances. Call us today for a consultation.

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