Child Protective Services, most well known as CPS, is a government agency that investigate claims of child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and abandonment to ensure the safety, health, and best interests of a child. If they find evidence of malfeasance, they have the authority to remove a child from the home.

Every report filed, regardless of who files, or whether it was filed maliciously or under false pretenses, must be investigated. However, CPS entry into the home can be refused in most states in the absence of a warrant, and at no time can a child be removed from a home without reasonable cause. Emergency removals can be initiated, though, should CPS determine the child is in immediate danger.

Abuse of this authority can be quite frightening, unwarranted, and lead to tearing families apart unnecessarily. If you have been visited by a CPS investigator or case worker and feel they have violated your rights, would like to request your child be moved to a relative’s home until the case can be resolved, or need attorney ad litem to defend the rights of abused child, contact King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. for a consultation.

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