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In the broadest sense of the word, justice is receiving the most deserving reward or punishment for a particular act or decision. This makes the term extremely fluid, as defining what someone “deserves” can mean many different things to many different people. In the case of criminal convictions, justice has been served under the law once a person has fulfilled their sentence for their crime. This doesn’t always equate to the reality of someone who has completed their required sentence, as their conviction can continue to haunt them for the rest of their life.

One way to fix this issue is through expungement, and King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. now has a comprehensive platform to assist in expunging your records and giving you a fresh start.

What is expungement?

According to, expungement is the process of erasing, removing, or sealing a criminal conviction from one’s permanent State or Federal record. To get a record expunged, you must file in the state in which the conviction was levied, and all states have a different process for expungement. For example, in California, you must file a petition of dismissal to re-open your case, have the plea set aside, and the case dismissed.

Why should you get expunged?

Though an expungement will never erase your record completely, it does change the guilty plea to a dismissal, which means that, in the eyes of the law, you were not convicted of a crime. This will help to secure employment, obtain a professional license, or join a professional organization. In other words, it provides more freedom in your day-to-day life than it would if you continued to carry the baggage of conviction, regardless of having served your time.

Why get expunged through King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc.?

King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. has set up an expedient way to get your criminal record expunged. It starts by going to our website,, and getting a quick qualification and conflict check. Once those have been completed, you will fill out one simple online form and King Law Firm Attorneys at Law Inc. takes care of the rest. We have several different types of expungements we can work with, and we can answer all your burning questions and provide other information you may need to complete the expungement process.

We are also planning to setup expungement clinics for those who may want to handle the expungement themselves and are simply looking for a fast, easy way to have their questions answered and the paperwork completed properly.

Head over to now to get the process started. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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