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There is always an abundance of emotion in a time of crisis. Right now, as we attempt to navigate through the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are faced with an extra amount of personal, financial and professional stress, anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

Marriage is hard enough during regular times; it’s even more heightened in a time of crisis, especially one where outlets, such as sporting events, bars and churches, have been stripped away from us. With stay-at-home orders and shuttered business, spouses (and their children) are being forced to spend much more time together. This normally wouldn’t be considered a bad thing, but in this environment, coupled with financial strains, many people may believe the only way out is through divorce.

However, major life changes should never be made in heightened emotional situations. Though this type of decision may feel right at the time, it will almost always lead to regret, and possibly depression, once the crisis has subsided.

Before making the rash decision to file for divorce in a time of crisis, consider the positive aspects of marriage and what you can do to help it successfully survive the pandemic.

Communicate Openly and Often

What you don’t say can be as harmful as what you do say. Having a strong foundation of communication, whether with your spouse, a friend or family, will help you start thinking rationally about how the current situation is affecting you and your relationship. It may be hard, but it’s important that you find a way to express yourself.

More importantly, always take your spouse’s fears, dreams and frustrations into consideration. You aren’t the only one feeling the stress of the situation. Doing so can help each of you find a new way to release the negative energy that may be festering beneath the surface.

Start or Resume a Hobby

Whether it be gardening, household repairs or journaling, giving yourself something to do alone can help relieve the stress that’s building up individually and as a couple.

Find Fun Things To Do Together

Laugh, dance, watch Netflix, go for a walk — anything that removes you from the stress of the situation.

Share in Parenting Duties

Take turns teaching and spending time with your children. This will allow your spouse some much needed alone time.

The Exception to the Rule – Abuse

No one should remain in a marriage or a relationship with an abusive spouse. Mentally or physically, abuse is amplified in a crisis situation. If you are in an abusive relationship, please contact the authorities or talk to a lawyer to learn about your rights, how to safely escape your situation, and get legal protection.

The thing to remember is, filing for divorce to save your marriage is never the answer, yet no two situations are the same. If you have questions, please feel free to consult King Law Firm Attorneys at Law via phone, online or in person.

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