Kim Kardashian Kanye West Conscious Uncoupling Divorce

A few years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow made “Conscious Uncoupling” famous with her divorce to then-husband Chris Martin. But most people were still confused. Was it a divorce? A separation? Something in between? Regardless of its definition, the world collectively became familiar with how conscious uncoupling might just change the way many perceive divorce.

Another high-profile marriage now looks as if it’s on its last legs. Though divorce proceedings have yet to begin, it’s been widely reported that the seven-year marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is officially over. If that’s true, the divorce will not be easy, especially with all of the money and assets that must be divided between these two high-profile celebrities. What could make it easier on them and their four children would be to strongly consider conscious uncoupling.

What is Conscious Uncoupling?

The idea of conscious uncoupling has been around since 2009, after Katherine Woodward Thomas taught the divorce alternative to students worldwide. The idea focuses on making sure a separation from a partner is kept amicable and respectful; always remembering the needs of the children and applying self-reflection to internalize how the mistakes were simply a roadmap in identifying negative roadblocks and building a better future for you and your spouse.

Kim and Kanye’s Divorce

According to multiple entertainment sources, divorce was ultimately decided in December to be the correct path after the couple spent some time in couple’s therapy. Though nothing official has been initiated, Kim has discussed the matter with Laura Wasser, who also oversaw Kim’s last divorce.

Insiders have said Kim has “grown up a lot this past year” and is looking to focus on passing the bar and working for her prison reform campaign. In comparison, Kanye’s mental health seems to be deteriorating as evidenced by his failed Presidential run and the spontaneous and shocking public admission that the couple was in talks to abort their first child. Both Kim and Kanye are reported to be “fed-up” with the other and Kim hasn’t been seen with her wedding ring since November.

Conscious Uncoupling is the Best Path Forward

If Kanye and Kim are serious and divorce is imminent, it would be in their best interest to follow the path of conscious uncoupling. If the two agree to make the divorce amicable, they would be sparing the children a lot of grief, both in their living situation and via the press.

One of the major assets that could be in dispute is the couple’s Calabasas home. It is the only home the couple’s children have known, so to remove them from that environment now not be in their best interest. And there’s nothing more inviting to the press than a bad break-up.

By pursuing conscious uncoupling, it would prove to everyone itching for succulent gossip that despite their tumultuous relationship the couple respect one another, wish each other great health, and will remain friends into the foreseeable future.

Don’t forget to celebrate National Conscious Uncoupling Day on January 21!

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