Top 5 Positive Impacts of COVID-19 In Law Firms

As COVID-19 continues to swarm our lives with negativity, King Law Firm Attorneys at Law has remained positive. When it comes to law firms, court houses and legal matters, there are a lot of aspects that on the surface could be considered harmful or cause unnecessary hardship to the client. However, when you really get to the root of these issues, the majority of them are actually a blessing in disguise.

Here, we take a look at the top five positive impacts that COVID-19 has had on the legal industry.

1. Client Communication

Instead of trying to remember to update the client, missing phone calls, leaving messages, and the constant back-and-forth of setting meetings, many law firms have started utilizing cloud-based client-portals to store all client information. Everything from billing, messages and documents can now be found in one convenient place. Zoom meetings and conferences calls are also becoming more prevalent to the point that almost all meeting and consultations are done this way.

2. Document Signings

Much like client communication, electronic devices have become almost indispensable. Before COVID-19, standard practice was that all documents had to be signed in person. This isn’t the case any longer, as almost all non-notarized documents can be signed with an e-signature. This one small change created a convenience no one knew they needed.

3. Electronic File Sharing

Along those same lines, electronic file sharing has made life much easier for both lawyers and clients. Instead of having to print, copy and send a myriad of documents, lawyers can now utilize cloud-based services to transmit documents to everyone involved. Not only does this save everyone money, it saves a few trees in the process. And who doesn’t want that?

4. Telephonic Court Hearings

What if you were a single mom, juggling two jobs and three kids? Before COVID-19, scheduling a court appearance was extremely stressful and could cost a lot of money in daycare and wages. The continuing threat of transmission of the virus has since led courts to hear cases telephonically. This allows someone who has to stay home for school or work to attend their hearing without ever stepping foot outside the house.

5. Less Travel

Travel used to be a necessary evil in litigation. Lawyers would charge for their time commuting to and from the courthouse and clients had to deal with the added stress of traffic. As the courts transition into telephonic hearings, travel time has been cut down dramatically, saving money and time for both lawyers and clients.

A lot of this is never going away, even after the hysteria behind COVID-19 subsides. King Law Firm has adapted to these new regulations seamlessly and without ever closing our doors. No matter how long COVID-19 lasts, you can count on us to help you through all of your legal matters, fight for families and businesses every day, and continue to win cases despite having not stepped into a courtroom since the pandemic began.

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