2020 California Laws That May Affect You

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Every year, King Law Firm Attorneys at Law takes a quick look at some of the new 2020 California laws that have taken effect on the first of January and are most likely to affect your business, your personal life and your health.

Work and Business

Minimum wage has risen to $13 dollars per hour for companies with over 25 employees and $12 for companies with less than 25 (SB 3); also, some independent contractors may have to be classified as employees if you control and direct their work as part of your core business (AB 5).

Businesses may no longer discriminate against someone’s natural hairstyle or texture (SB 188), and they must provide adequate, intrusion-free accommodations for lactation that includes electrical outlets, refrigeration and sinks (SB 142).

If your business has at least five employees, you must provide sexual harassment training every  two years (SB 1343), and employees now have up to three years to file a claim of discrimination or harassment (AB 9).


Heterosexual couples of any adult age may now register as domestic partners instead of choosing marriage (SB 30).


Adults living in California illegally are now eligible for government-subsidized health insurance benefits (SB 104), and transgender youth currently in the foster care system now have access to gender-affirming medical services, mental health counseling and hormone therapy (AB 2119).

All California residents will be required to have some type of health insurance (SB 78).

Public Safety and Privacy

The statute of limitation on reporting domestic violence to law enforcement is now five years (SB 273) and the statute of limitations for reporting a childhood sexual crime has been changed to the age of 40 (AB 218).

Anyone who is banned from buying a firearm in another state will no longer be able to purchase one in California (AB 164), and you must be 21 years of age to purchase a semi-automatic rifle (SB 61).

If a firearm is removed from the home by a child or unauthorized user, the owner of the firearm may be charged with a crime and be banned from owning a firearm for up to 10 years (SB 172).

Children under the age of 12 who commit a non-violent crime will be reminded to their parent or legal guardian instead of being sent to juvenile hall (SB 439).


Public and charter school students in grades four through eight may no longer be suspended for defying teachers or administrators (SB 419), and students will no longer be denied lunch even if their bills are unpaid (SB 265).


Homeowners Associations and landlords may no longer prohibit anyone from displaying religious items on entry doors and frames (AB 652), nor can they increase their rents more than 5% plus inflation each year (AB 1482).

Please feel free to contact King Law Firm Attorneys at Law if you have questions or need clarification on any of these and other 2020 California laws that may affect your future.

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