Many businesses have had to find new and inventive ways to serve their clients and customers over the past few months. This includes employees working from home, an expansion in teleconferencing, and conducting customer relations via phone and online video.

King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. transitioned through the pandemic maze with great efficiency. However, law firms were particularly hit with one major issue that couldn’t be immediately rectified — the closing of court houses, which inevitably furloughed thousands of cases nationwide.

With the pandemic waning and businesses and courthouses once again opening, King Law Firm Attorneys at Law, Inc. is making a concerted effort to follow ever-changing state mandates to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Here are some of what we are doing to keep our employees and clients protected and healthy as we begin the process of reopening.

  1. Our offices are once again open to the public. Those who would like a return to face-to-face meetings are welcome to do so, but, in accordance with state mandates, we must ask everyone to wear a mask and continue social distancing practices while inside the office. If you cannot wear a mask due to health conditions or disabilities, we are happy to offer safe alternatives.
  2. Some of our lawyers, paralegals and staff are still working remotely as permitted by their workloads and will be available for phone and video conferences for anyone who would prefer those methods of communication.
  3. Courts are opening with restrictions that may affect our clients in different ways. Along with mandatory face mask and social distancing requirements, only clients, attorneys and witnesses may enter the court room (no family or friends will be allowed) and service hours are being limited, which means less cases throughout the day. We will make sure to inform each of our clients of the restrictions prior to any court hearing and offer any safe alternatives if needed or requested.
  4. There are many alternative filing options, such as outdoor service windows and drop box locations, and documents may be filed by mail or online when available.
  5. There is a new project for online courts in the works that may give the justice system a new, robust and remote alternative in the near future. This would include a virtual, self-help forum for clients to better understand their rights and obligations. Until this system is operational, more information will be offered online for you to make a clear, well-thought out decision before moving forward with your case.

No matter how long the COVID-19 pandemic may last, one thing is certain: almost all of the above modifications will be long-lasting changes within the industry. Lucky for us, these changes will allow for more relaxed interactions with our clients, more efficiency in how cases are handled, more collaboration between colleagues, and a much better balance between work and family for all involved.

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