An Unbiased Look At Social Media Censorship Regulations

The advent of social media is still relatively new. In its infancy, it was like a shiny new object; there was everything to love and nothing to hate. As it grows, though, and the honeymoon phase ends, people are at odds with how social media companies should operate. This is especially true as it relates [...]

A Case of Undue Influence

Will Farrell and Paul Rudd in The Shrink Next Door Marty Markowitz and Isaac “Ike” Hershkopf were the subject of “The Shrink Next Door,” a wildly popular podcast by journalist Joe Nocera that was adapted into an AppleTV+ limited series starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. As the story goes, Marty started seeing [...]

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Annulments – A Primer

Back in 2019, Nicolas Cage married his then girlfriend Erika Koike after “drinking to the point of intoxication.” Cage, as a lot of people do when in the throes of infatuation, acted on impulse. Four days later, he claimed the marriage was fraud as he was not fully aware of the extent of a relationship [...]

SPECIAL BLOG! Uncoupling—Now What? King Law Firm Has Answers!

I want to pretend my marriage never happened. Can I get it annulled? As unromantic as it sounds, marriage is, in part, a business arrangement. Simply wanting to pretend it did not happen or being unhappy is not enough to annul a marriage. No worries though. No matter how short or long you have been [...]

4 Steps for Adopting Your Ward

Becoming a guardian is an admirable thing to do. Guardianship protects children but does not strip away the rights of the biological parents. In other words, once the parents are again able to provide the child a safe environment, the child may return to them safely. However, there may be occasions when the biological parents [...]

Relocating To a New State as a Guardian or Custodian of a Child

People change, jobs change, environments change. When you have children, these changes can become complicated and stressful, especially if it means moving a child out of state. Whether you have custody or guardianship over a child, if another parent or family member is still in the picture, moving with a child can become complicated, especially [...]

SPECIAL BLOG! What do Brittany Spears, Steve Jobs, and Charles Manson have in common?

Celebrity status is likely to be the first choice pick. Spears, Jobs, and Manson are household names recognized across the United States, and even internationally. Somewhere on the list of commonalities, these infamous beings also share the experience of being involved in California court proceedings; more specifically cases involving the control of their person. #FreeBrittany [...]

Guardianships vs Conservatorships in California and Arizona

When someone is mentally or physically incapacitated, they may not be able to perform tasks necessary to live. When this happens, family members or friends may have the right to become a guardian or a conservator and take legal responsibility for performing personal and financial tasks for them. Which one, guardianship or conservatorship, is right [...]

Get Expunged, Get Your Life Back

In the broadest sense of the word, justice is receiving the most deserving reward or punishment for a particular act or decision. This makes the term extremely fluid, as defining what someone “deserves” can mean many different things to many different people. In the case of criminal convictions, justice has been served under the law [...]

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Thurgood Marshall Paved the Way for Judicial Diversity

In the coming days, President Biden will nominate a black female justice to the Supreme Court. In honor of his historic decision, King Law Firm celebrates Black History Month with a look back at the first black Supreme Court Justice to grace the bench, the honorable Justice Thurgood Marshall. Who is Thurgood Marshall? Thurgood Marshall [...]

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